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Corwin Pottenger Rees

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Corwin Pottenger Rees

(September 4, 1848 - September 12, 1924)

Rank Date
Midshipman July 23 or 31, 1866
Graduated Naval Academy June 7, 1870
Ensign July 13, 1871
Lieutenant Junior Grade  
Lieutenant October 11, 1880
Lieutenant Commander March 3, 1899
Commander May 12, 1901
Rear Admiral October 25, 1909


Station Date
Shore Units/US Naval Academy Annapolis (USNA) 1866-1870
USS Guerriere (Sail Frigate/44 guns) 1870-1871
USS Guerriere (Sail Frigate/44 guns) 1871-1872
USS Portsmouth (1843) Sloop of War 1872-1874
USS Portsmouth (1843) Sloop of War 1874-1874
USS Saranac (1848) Sloop of War 1874-1875
USS Benicia 1875-1875
USS Lackawanna (1862) 1875-1877
Surface Vessels USS G-H 1877-1878
Annapolis (USNA) Drawing Teacher 1879-1881
USS Essex World Cruise 1881-1885
USS New Hampshire (1864) 1885-1885
USS Alert (AS-4) 1885-1885
USS Michigan (1843) 1885-1888
Naval War College 1888-1888
USS Kearsarge (1861) Sloop-of-War 1888-1889
USS Tallapoosa (1863) Steamer 1889-1892
USS Michigan (1843) 1892-1895
USS Michigan at World's Fair 1894
USS Monocacy 1895-1896
USS Olympia (C-6) Navigation Officer 1896-1896
USS Monocacy 1896-1898
USS Olympia (C-6) Executive Officer 1898-1899
Naval Torpedo Station, Executive Officer 1899-1901
USS Monongahela, Commanding Officer 1901-1903
Lighthouse Board/Lighthouse District 1 1903-1905
Captain of the Yard, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard 1905-1908
Commandant, Hawaii Naval Yard 1908-1910

Born in Reilly, Ohio. Fought with Company B, 54th Ohio Volunteers, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 15th Army Corps from age fifteen in thirty land battles during the Civil War. Discharged from the United States Army on August 15, 1865. Hospitalized at Annapolis March 22-23, 1866 and March 23-24, 1869. Wrote widely circulated poem, “Dewey’s Victory on Manila Bay” in 1898. Advanced five numbers for his actions in the Battle of Manila Bay, February 11, 1901. President of Court Martial of Midshipman Tremor Coffin, Naval Academy, December 28, 1905. Rear Admiral Rees was noted for his poetry, which he would read to visiting ship’s captains and dignitaries. Retired September 4, 1910 with twenty-eight years and 6 months of sea service and thirteen years four months of shore duty. Buried in Erie Cemetery, Erie, Pennsylvania.